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    Bernard Middleton slide show

    Bookbinding photos  

    Harmatan Leather slide show

    Music binding

    P and S Engraving slide show

    Swedish pastepapers

    Suppliers used at Panther Peak Bindery

    The All-Ligator sewing frame

    Videos on aspects of bookbinding

How to proceed if you have a project 

    Getting your book to Panther Peak: 

            packing, shipping, directions, etc.

    Google map showing general location

    How to package your book

    Payment options  

Mark’s Biography

    Media - articles, and a few television and radio broadcasts

Panther Peak Bindery

    Map of Tucson and Panther Peak Bindery

    Slides taken from our part of Tucson

    Where to stay when coming to study, places to see in Tucson


    Class payment

    Repair payment

    Other payment


Repair and conservation

    Conservation photos

    Do you have a book or an artifact?

    Drop spine boxes


    Family Bibles

    Flexible leather bindings, limp leather books

    Music binding and repair

    Newspaper treatment and binding

    Pay for a repair


    Religious books

    Repair of old family Bibles

    Repair options

    Suppliers used at Panther Peak Bindery 

    The question to ask your binder or conservator

Videos on aspects of bookbinding


    Current course schedule

    Google map showing general location of Panther Peak Bindery

    Housing and things to do in Tucson    

    List of courses I've offered at Panther Peak Bindery

    Pay for a workshop

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My blog is here and has posts on all aspects of my work as a private conservator.

My YouTube page has videos on bookbinding techniques, materials and tools.  

Email addresses

Some links:

Guild of Book Workers   The national bookbinding organization.  Consists of a national organization along with a collection of local chapters -- it has something for everyone interested in books.

American Institute for Conservation   The main conservation group in this country.  Their web site has helpful information and is worth checking out.

Sparkle - visual web design.  The amazing program I used to put this site together.  I highly recommend it, it’s the perfect iWeb replacement but with much more capacity and flexibility.