Getting your book to Panther Peak Bindery

Please include a sheet of paper inside the box with your name, address, phone number and email address.


You should insure your package regardless of which carrier you use. I will send the completed book back to you via the carrier and method most convenient for you.

The cost of return shipping will be added to the cost of the project.

It is preferable that you mail your book, or other item, to my post office box. The Post Office will then hold it securely until I can pick it up. Only packages mailed through the US Postal Service can be delivered to post office boxes.

Books and other printed matter can be mailed at the subsidized Media Mail rate. Media Mail takes about a week to travel across the country. Priority Mail is quicker, but more expensive.

If you mail your book to my post office box it is not necessary to ask for a signature since the book is under lock and key until it is in my hands.

Of course, you can use other methods of shipping, like UPS or FedEx, but you should let me know so that we can have them deliver on a day when I am here. They tend to leave items on door steps if no one is in.

Generally, I will return the book via the same carrier and method you used. If you insured your book, then I will insure it as well.


Pack your book in a box or padded envelope, using additional packing material such as bubble wrap. If small pieces of the binding have broken off, place them in a labeled envelope.

Please be sure to include a note containing your name, address, phone number, email address and any other relevant information.

A page on how to pack a book is found here.

Deliver and visit

Clients are always welcome to bring books to the bindery. Call or email for address and directions. We are on the west side of Panther Peak very near the Northern edge of Saguaro National Park West. It's a beautiful drive through the park. I’ll be happy to show you the bindery, and then you can go for a walk in the park. 

The map on this page shows our approximate location. We're about fifteen minutes from Ina and I-10.



About shipping your book

Know that it is not unusual or uncommon to ship even extremely valuable books, and other objects, for treatment.