Religious Books

I have repaired and rebound many books for religious organizations over the years including Bibles and other religious texts, study books, ceremonial books and bound volumes of periodicals.

Of course, I have also repaired lots of Bibles, other religious texts, for individuals as well. 


If you have an heirloom family Bible I am happy to repair it to preserve an important part of your family’s history.  Information on heirloom Bible repair can be found by clicking here.

If you have a flexible leather covered Bible I can repair it so you can use it for many more years.  Bibles are important parts our lives and they deserve the best possible care.  Information on limp leather bindings and their repair can be found by clicking here.

It is work I love to do.  Please contact me for information and estimates.  If possible, emailing photographs can be very helpful in making initial determinations of what might need to be done to your book.

Note, however, that it is probably cheaper to replace many common books such as hymnals.  Older, rarer materials, that are difficult or expensive to replace, or Bibles with years of notes are good candidates for repair.

See the conservation page and the treatment page for additional information.