Music Binding

I have had the great pleasure to work with Mark Andersson for the last few years in the repair and binding of my orchestral scores. Mark is a true artist. He always does meticulous work with great attention to detail and concern for the practical use of the scores. The binding is also very beautiful, as is the lettering. And of course I recommend him to many of my colleagues as I am sure every one will be extremely pleased with his expert work.

Gerard Schwarz

The Principal Librarian of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Pat Takahashi, set in motion my work conserving and binding music scores. Through Pat came the opportunity to work on and bind numerous scores and programs for Gerard Schwarz, the Seattle Symphony’s longtime Music Director and currently Conductor Laureate.


Working on scores is interesting and challenging. Scores need to open flat, yet be durable and attractive. These three traits seem at first to be contradictory. The challenge is to produce an end product that looks attractive on the shelf, yet functions flawlessly on the podium or music stand.

The work often involves paper conservation, including the removal of adhesive tape, the repair of torn or damaged pages, and the reattaching of pages which have separated from the score.

At Panther Peak Bindery we assess the condition of each score individually — which is essential to achieving a superior final product that is both appealing and fully functional.  We only use the highest quality and most durable materials, including sewing with linen thread on linen sewing tapes.

We have a variety of colored cloths available, and can also cover scores in leather. Titles can be added using gold leaf or genuine gold stamping foil. Titles can also be produced using laser printing on a high quality paper.

Since the scores are treated individually the cost of the work varies. Typically, scores with four or fewer signatures, including ~some paper repair, in a full cloth binding with a gold-stamped title, cost in the neighborhood of $200. Multiple scores usually allow for a price reduction.

We also make drop spine boxes—which are protective enclosures designed to safeguard valuable books, documents and music scores.  In addition we provide a full range of services in hand bookbinding and conservation.