How to Proceed

If you have a project please email , call or text.. Email is best, because I will have a written record of our discussions of your project. Emailing photographs of your book can be extremely helpful.  Note that my emails have been going to spam folders, so please check there for any emails.

Our phone number is 520-682-7241.

We can discuss price estimates and how to get the book to me. I work for clients across the country, please click here for shipping information.

Work begins only after you have approved the estimate. Estimates are free, except in unusual circumstances. Occasionally a deposit is required if a substantial amount of materials or tools are needed.

Depending on how much backlog I have it generally will take between 3 and 4 months to complete your project. I will get it back more quickly if needed (for a graduation or birthday, etc.) with no additional charge.

Payment, including return shipping charge, is due upon completion of the project. Return shipping will generally be the same as the shipping cost of getting the book to Panther Peak.

Generally, unless I hear from you I will try to return the book via the same carrier and method you used. If you insured your book, then I will insure it as well. If you asked for a signature, then I will try to do so as well. If you shipped it Media Mail, I will ship it the same way.

Projects requiring a large amount of consultation on design or structure will be charged an hourly rate.

Please email with any questions: